International Transgender Day of Visibility

Today, on the International Transgender Day of Visibility, I stopped for a few minutes to see what kinds of resources we might have in our library to support student and faculty learning on transgender rights and transgender lives. I am happy to report that as a result of our recent acquisition of a large database called ProQuest One Academic we have recently added a number of new titles on this topic to our collection. Here is a small sampling for you to peruse (click on each title to find the item in our catalogue)

Transgender Rights and Politics: Groups, Issue Framing, and Policy Adoption

Bordered Lives: Transgender Portraits from Mexico

Transgender Communication Studies: Histories, Trends, and Trajectories

Trans in College: Transgender Students’ Strategies for Navigating Campus Life and the Institutional Politics of Inclusion

Thanks to our student services department for this list of resources:

Trans Day of Visibility 2021: Everything you need to know about the event including how to take part

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