Welcome Back!… oh how times have changed (or maybe they’ve stayed the same?)

The library is excited to welcome students back to campus and back to the library! COVID restrictions are a little easier this year and visitors to the library no longer have to book a space. So far, this ‘Welcome Week” we have already welcomed over 1200 students back to the library!

This week’s post was compiled by Brenna Williamson. A TBT to orientation week 14 years ago. Enjoy comparing this year’s experience to 2007!



This week’s Digital Collections Throwback Thursday selection features the schedule of activities from September 2007’s Frosh Week. That’s 14 years ago (though to some of our readers, it may feel just like yesterday). 

Photo from the Xaverian Weekly, v.116:no.01 (2007:Sept.2)

In 2007 new StFX students took part in a variety of fun activities, in addition to practical information sessions. The week’s activities included a campus scavenger hunt and talent show, and events –like the football game featuring StFX vs SMU, and a trip to Pomquet Beach. The September 2nd, 2007 edition of the Xaverian Weekly also features many helpful tips to new students, including: how to navigate StFX Nightlife, how to survive living in residence, and a brief history of StFX. Freshman of 2021, how does your first week compare?

For more information on the recent history of student life and events at StFX, see the StFx Library’s Xaverian Weekly Collection. This collection contains digitized editions of the campus newsletter published by students on a weekly basis. The Xaverian Weekly was first published under the name Excelsior in 1895 and was renamed in 1903. Digitized editions included in the collection only cover a two year period: from 2007 to 2009. Search within each record by using the search bar on the top right of the screen, or the search bar on the left, under “Search StFX Digital Collections.”

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